Oct 15

I swam for the first time in 8 years!

My favourite Nadir uncle has founded Nadir’s Ark. It is a fun-filled space, a farm house with huge area (almost 2 acres), img-20161002-wa0004a lot of open space for me and my friends (and even enemies) to roam around and have loads of fun. There is a small pool also. My parents along with Nadir uncle and Pia aunty forcibly pushed me into the pool even when they know I hate water. The natural swimming talent in me helped me swam through to the corner to save myself. I am smart you see, and I ran out. But, they all are smarter than me, I swam to the corner only to see that they had closed the doors, not letting me out to the ground again! I don’t like water Nadir uncle, and of all, how can YOU be so mean to me?!
But I am really in love with the place, I didn’t even eat my favourite chicken rice that was offered to me, I was that happy just roaming around. Thank you Nadir uncle & Pia aunty for taking the initiative and opening such a cool avenue for species like me.
I will come again soon, knowing that you are going to throw me into the pool again ūüôĀ

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Jul 31

Oh my God! Did she catch me?

I tell you my mother is very intelligent. Usually when she gives me a bone, I chew it for aIMG_20160603_170036 while and hide it somewhere, take some rest and then want to chew it again; or even save it for the next day. Because mamma doesn’t give me the bone whenever I want, she is very strict with my diet.
But, whenever I go to hide my bone, she finds it somehow and I get so scared because she would take it and won’t give me again easily. Today, I have hidden the bone in the room behind the sofa.
Has she found it out already? What do you think? My guess is she has, she is definitely more intelligent than me.
Oh my God, not again. There is no place left for me to hide my treats.

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Jul 16

Why are you not giving me the bone?

It is almost 4 hours since I had my dinner. After that I walked for almost 45 mins. IMG_20160702_211214
And you gave me boiled rice and vegetables for dinner.

Now I am tired, bored and I want to chew something tasty. I know you have bought the new bones for me yesterday, I heard you calling the pet shop aunty and I also saw the delivery bhaiya came to deliver them. I only opened the door, did you forget?
Do you still think you can make me a fool by saying you don’t have the bone? Is this at all reasonable?
I will complain to Nadir uncle, Pia aunty, Rana uncle, Vizal aunty, Shruti aunty and everyone that you are torturing me like this.
All my aunties & uncles – are you listening???

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Jul 08

Didn’t you say you were taking me out?

IMG_20160704_183625Mamma, you told me 1 hour back that you were taking me out for the walk.

How many times should I remind you? You know it is my daily routine, I understand you are busy. But in some time it will get dark outside, and you won’t allow me to do my full walk. Papa is also not there today and I cannot play any pranks.
You didn’t even teach me to go out myself, I am totally dependent on you. I will tell all my young friends to not be so dependent on their parents, and fight with their parents & learn to go for walks by themselves.

Now, are you taking me out or should I go myself?

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May 08

I am still sleepy!!!

My mother wakes up very early in the morning, everyday. She does a lot of work before taking her cab to office at 7:45AM. IMG_20160505_055635She wants to accompany me for my walk, even if papa is there and I and papa are okay to go for a walk a bit later; we are fine to go even after she goes to the office. But, she wakes me up so early in the morning and I keep hearing “Bruno, chalo chalo”, “Bruno, come down”, “Bruno, aa jaao”, “Bruno, jaana padega”. Sometimes my eyes would be still swollen and dropping and it would be almost impossible for me to get up. My God, in winters it is even worse, she literally picks me up from my cosy bed and drops me down. And I am very obedient by nature so I can’t resist beyond a point. One way it is good because I am able to breathe really fresh air during my early morning walks and it feels very nice. But still sometimes I just feel like sleeping for a few more minutes!
Why do you wake up so early Mamma! ūüôā

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Mar 10

Do I belong to Balwant Rai?

I was watching TV along with my mother the other day and while my mother was flipping the channels, I IMG_20160220_162047suddenly heard a voice ‘Balwant Rai ke kutton…’. Since then I have this little question in my mind whether I belong to Balwant Rai’s clan. This question did not let me sleep for quite a few days. I could not resist, I really wanted to find out my identity. I thought I should ask my mother.
“Mamma, am I related to Balwant Rai”, I asked mamma.
“Arrey, where did you hear about Balwant Rai?” she asked.
I explained the entire story, she tried very hard to convince me and I now understand that Sunny uncle was calling someone ‘kutte’. Really? Dogs don’t have any respect it means?

Suddenly yesterday, again on television I heard, ‘Basanti, in kutton ke saamne mat naachna…”.

My God! Does that mean I am related to Gabbar!

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Jan 01

You will take me along or won’t go!


Enough is Enough!

My parents have been traveling a lot lately and I have to stay at the hostel.

I really like the hostel, Nadir uncle and Pia Aunty take very good care of me. I have so many friends around my hostel and I like playing with all of them. But at times I feel like staying at home. Last time, I just did not like it when daddy was packing his bags again. And I told him, ‘either you take me along or you can’t go’. But, as usual, since I am so nice, I am not taken seriously at all. So, I tried to make my point very clear, and this is what I did.

I am born in the land of drama, so I thought of using the tactics!

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Mar 15

I am watching you!

Oh God it is so tough for me to get snacks from my mamma. I like when papa is around because it is all treats for me when he is there, but my mamma is too strict and disciplined.¬†IMG_20141027_193905Ever since I went overweight, in her efforts to reduce my weight and get me to the¬†optimum number, she has stopped all my snacks and gives me just the right¬†food. Well, I must say she is very correct and thanks to her I am healthy! But, it is tough to resist temptations you see. She goes into the kitchen when she thinks I am asleep, but she doesn’t know I am watching her all the time :), watching if she would open¬†that closet where my food is kept in the kitchen. But, more often than not, in vain.¬†She is extremely particular, hats off to her!

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Mar 01

Oh damn! I can’t see anything :(

In our previous home, I used to spend so much time in the balconies watching people, birds and barking at other dogs in the society while they were moving around. I also used to spend about 15-20¬†mins sitting at the main door watching people come and go in the corridor, IMG_20150228_083817and barking at many of them too. What interesting time pass it was for me, I tell you! My mamma and papa made sure¬†to¬†tie me outside the main door and let me be for some time especially after my morning walks since it used to be pleasant at that time; so that I could do my time pass. It was a corner house and our immediate neighbors were¬†dog owners too¬†so¬†it was a safe corner.¬†We shifted to our new home recently,¬†I got a shock when I found out that I would not be able to do my time pass at the main door. Then when I¬†first went into the balcony, it was another shock for me because the wall was too high for me to see outside; and the grill is not as good¬†as our¬†previous house’s so I can’t see through the happenings very clearly.¬†Terrace is even worse, it¬†has a high parapet with¬†no grills ūüôĀ

But I have¬†found my way out for my time pass, I ask my parents to¬†lift and hold me and show me around, as always I blackmail them emotionally! And why not, I am the most important member in the family and I wasn’t even asked once before buying the new home!!!

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Jan 17

Tussi jaa rahey ho? Tussi na jaao…


While mamma leaves for office ūüôĀ

My papa is traveling these days, and my mamma goes to office during the day. I am all alone at home, I take care of the entire house I tell you. I keep a thorough check on who is coming into the block and I make sure I identify all of them. I give a complete download to mamma when she comes back home. Mamma says I am a brave boy; but I do feel lonely once in a while. Though she leaves her heart with me, and rushes back from office at the earliest possible, on a few days I don’t feel like parting with her. I wish she stays back. I know that she has work and office is important too. But what to do! I noticed this song the other day playing in the television, and I feel it is apt to say here – yeh dil hai ki maanta nahin! Tussi aaj ke din na jaao mamma!!!

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