Dec 24

What were you saying about me?

On a SundIMG_20141106_082732ay morning, I finished my walk, breakfast and I was just lying down on the sofa when Iย overheard my parents talking about me. Papa was complaining that I have become mischievous and I need some strict treatment to set me right! And he thought I was not listening? And my mamma was agreeing to it, she is anyway strict to me and I have to forcibly obey to anything she says, does that mean they say anything! What I did during my walk is firmly stood at a place and refused to go back, I wanted to walk the other direction whereas my parents wanted to take me in opposite direction. Don’t I have that little freedom to choose my way while walking! How rude is that!

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Nov 23

My new home

IMG_20141111_120610We have shifted to our new home, I really like the new home as it is bigger and more spacious. The only thing that I cannot see many people around like I could from my earlier home. I get bored a bit but what to do!ย  I have the terrace for myself but that has a very high parapet wall that I cannot reach at all. I ask my mamma to hold me and show me what’s there from above the parapet wall but she complains I have grown very heavy and she doesn’t hold me for long ๐Ÿ™ My papa doesn’t mind holding me for longer but I just don’t like to get down you see, his hands hurt too is what my mamma says! There is a balcony but the parapet wall in that too is quite high though I am able to see people around from the grill and pass my time a bit. But one thing I really enjoy in this home is the sun in the terrace in the current winters, also in the balcony. I just love sitting in the sun on the terrace and even love to take a nap in the sun once in a while ๐Ÿ™‚

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Oct 08

MY cake which was never mine :(

I was born on 24th May 2008. My parents religiously remember my birthday every year and do some sort of celebrations usually including a simple cake cutting ceremony and just being happy ๐Ÿ™‚ But in the process, they don’t realize that they are making me sad. DSC_0132The cake that comes for the occasion is usually the smallest possible, but that can still be cut into good sized 8 pieces. The candle lit, blown, cut by my mother usually while my papa claps and utters ‘yayyyyy’ for me :). Then my mother cuts the cake into medium sized pieces, mamma and papa usually have 1 each though my papa insists on having one more while my mamma resists. My papa has problems putting on weight and my mamma has problems losing weight and they very cutely live in that dilemma. In the entire process I get to only smell the cake. And at the max, have an unbelievably tiny piece of the bread, imagine! My papa is not that strict and he gives me some cream as well but my mamma is too strict. She is right I know but I cannot control my temptation and my papa becomes a prey to my emotional blackmail.
But mamma, wasn’t that cake MY birthday cake? And isn’t it extremely unfair of you to not give the cake to me and have it all alone? Yeh kahaan ka insaaf hai mamma, mujhe jawaab chaahiye!

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Sep 07

For all dog owners who love their dogs!

Dear All
We all pets know you brought us to your respective homes to give all the love to us and take very good care of us. Had it not been you, who knows if we would have got anything we need! But, one thing many of you don’t realize is that in the process of showering all the love you have, you build bad habits into us too. If those bad habits are limited to a little bit of naughtiness or so, it is fine but many of you build habits that ruin the entire fun of having us and can potentially make your and our lives miserable. For example: you feed us a little bit of what you eat and we learn to demand from you to give us what you eat. It may potentially lead to many problems in us, you lose all the enjoyable time with us by just having to visit doctors often for the problems we start suffering with.
Another thing is we never seem to be growing up in our behaviour and looks, but we are still growing up is what many of you need to keep in mind. With age, we also need more care in terms of diet control, exercise and so on. So, do be conscious of the fact that we age too ๐Ÿ™‚
Follow simple rules of healthiness with us; (after all we cannot do diet control ourselves like you all); and your life will be the most enjoyable with us around you! Kindly follow slight amount of discipline and you can build in the most memorable moments with us; we just live for a decade or two so don’t lose the precious time that you can spend with us most happily!!!

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Aug 22

I want to meet her please!

There is a friend of mine staying in the colony next to ours. She comes everyday for a walk in the early morning time. She is probably one of the very few dogs who go out for walk earlier than me, I thought only my parents take me very early for walk. She comes for a walk with her care-taker, the servant at her home. She enjoys walking with the care-taker as he is very patient with her. He walks with her as long as she wants to walk, he seems to take care of her very well as she looks very tidy always. And she is very beautiful! She comes running when she sees me, also because my mother offers her a biscuit almost everyday. At times, I get very angry with my parents because they take me a bit late and I don’t get to meet her! This is not done I keep telling my papa especially because my mother is always early and we end up waiting for papa for 10-15 mins after we are ready for walk. By then she is gone and I don’t get to see her. I have to wait for 24 long hours to meet her again because I usually don’t get to meet her in the evenings. Every night, I only have one ask for the next morning, “I want to meet her please, I really like meeting her!”. How helpless I feel as a dog I tell you, I am totally dependent on my parents. I don’t know why they have not taught me to walk on my own, I would have gone out myself and met her and come no!

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May 31

“Bolo na”

My mamma, she knows I cannot speak. Every single time before giving food to me, before taking me out for a walk, before playing with me; her favourite questions are:
“kya khaana hai tumko, bolo…bolo na (what do you want to eat? say na..)”
“ghoomne jaana hai??? bolo…khud se bolo toh jaayengey (you want to go out, say it and then we will go)”
“khelna hai bunty (my toy) ke saath…bolo ‘bunty ke saath khelna hai’ toh khelengey (you want to play with bunty, say it yourself that you want to play with bunty and we will play”

Now, why does she take advantage of my helplessness of not being able to speak, I wonder! If she puts a criteria that I should speak and ask for food, does she mean I will never get food in my life! Similar for playing? And when she knows I cannot speak, she says ‘bolo khud se toh milega (say it yourself and you will get it’ and then she herself laughs loud and makes fun saying, ‘fir toh kabhi nahin milega…(it means you will never get it) hahahahaha’ – what is that!! Is anyone taking a note of how I am being humiliated!?

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May 17

I don’t like petnames!

My mamma irritates me calling me with many pet-names. First of all I don’t know where this word ‘pet’name has originated from! Especially because these names are all so random – do we ‘pets’ resemble something that relates to randomness? I don’t know!
My mausi gave me such a good name ‘Bruno’ – sounds like a man’s name and I really like it! Now my mother rarely calls me by this name and always ends up calling me ‘Booni’, ‘Boona’! – what is this??? Why can’t I just be called Bruno! I understand she loves me so much but not my name please!!!

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May 10

A permanent child??

No, no…please NO!
DSC_0065I was born on 24th May 2008. And as most of you would know, research says 1 dog year is equivalent to 7 human years. So, as per that calculation I am a 42 year old handsome young man! And I am much elder to my parents. My mamma still calls me ‘Bruno baby‘. And my papa plays with me the same way he used to play with me when I was months old! He lifts me up to take me into his arms. Papa, yes I used to like it when I was small, I tolerated it when I was a adult too. But now I need my space please! Treat me with respect, and as an individual please.

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May 03

Am I naughty??

I was on my regular morning walk. I saw a St. Bernard pass by, I was incidentally at our colony’s main gate. I started barking at the St. Bernard because I did not like him passing by, he was too big and I wanted to be alone on the road. The security uncles at the gate looked at me and commented, ‘beta, tu uske jitna bada toh hoja pehle (beta, first grow up to his size before you bark at him)’. Actually, those uncles didn’t realize the difference between me (beagle) and St. Bernard – both of us breeds are tricolour with a combination of brown, white and black and we look a bit similar too.
I went to raahgiri day with my mother, and while I was walking around I saw two kids on a cycle. I didn’t like them pass by, I barked at them. One uncle came and told my mother, ‘naughty beagle right?!’.
I went to a pet shop and there were another dog I wanted to meet. He was just not interested to meet me, I did not like it. I was pushing my mother to let me meet her, though my mother didn’t want to because of the other dog’s disinterest. The uncle there commented, ‘its a beagle, naughty – doesn’t want to listen to anyone!’.

Am I seriously very naughty??? I am just an independent dog, wanting to do just what I like and enjoy; and don’t like any interruptions in my enjoyment – that’s it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Feb 26

A message to all who keep dogs

Today during my morning walk, I met a labrador. He was taken out by his servant. I usually don’t like big dogs and I usually bark at them on the road, I want to feel like a king on my walking stretch and so probably I don’t like dogs bigger than me in size to walk in the same stretch ๐Ÿ™‚ When I started barking at this labrador, it barked again at me. And within seconds I noticed the servant beating the dog with a big thick stick. My mother scolded at the servant, but he did not bother. He was not at all sensitive. I was shocked. I recollected then that we had met this dog sometime back also when the same incident happened and the servant beat the dog then also. If you see that dog, it is not at all well kept, not groomed properly, it looks sad also. I wonder why would you get a dog when you have to torture it like this, and can’t take care of it properly. We are different, we trust you, our masters, more than anyone. For us, you are our world! Please don’t keep us if you think you cannot take care of us properly. We better go to a home where are are happy. It is a pain for both you and us. We are not a style statement, we are living beings and we are here to be your company and spread happiness within you. We never demand anything from you, nor we expect anything from you. We live the way you keep us, we give our entire lives for you – why do you want to treat us like that! Not all servants are bad I say, but you need to find a good one patiently for us to help you if you yourself are tied up. In this country where human life is not valued enough, do you think just about anyone can value dogs’ lives!!!

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