Feb 16

I & my Bunty :)

My papa got me this cute stuffed toy. It DSC_0071-Smallseems like a dog only by the shape of it, rather a puppy. I like playing with these toys – I like to take it to anyone & I like to snatch it from them and enjoy them snatching back from me. I am the winner in the game always – either people are tired and not able to match my energy to keep the game on and give up; or they are not able to snatch it from me. Either ways – you know who the winner is! This toy that my papa bought for me, is just too good. My mamma named him Bunty for me to follow easily. It feels like the childhood-me is back at home. I play a lot with it. I sometimes hug him & sleep, it is a soft toy no, feels very good sleeping next to it. I have grown quite big now, had I been a bit smaller it would have been a perfect match!

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Feb 07

Oops…did you catch that?!

I am a smart dog you know! I usually make a fool out of my papa, he doesn’t realiIMG_2716ze that. And even if he realizes, he lets it go and he makes me feel I am smart! Thank You papa, I love you so much! You boost up my self-confidence. My mother on the other hand is much smarter than me and she catches hold of my mischief immediately. Sometimes she senses it even before I actually do the mischief. She is definitely very smart!
“Oops Mamma, did you catch that again???” is usually my reaction.

See, I am a beagle. And by nature I am supposed to be energetic & mischievous. On top of that, my parents have pampered me so much, especially my papa, that I am free to do all sorts of mischief – Am I right? or Am I right??

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Feb 01

‘Mamma, you called me?’

“What mamma? You called me? I was fast asleep no?”IMG_3103
My mother you see, keeps on calling to find out where I am. I will be at home only. Where will I go myself without her or papa? I would be fast asleep and she will keep calling me from the kitchen especially. She will come in search of me if I don’t go and she sees me and says, ‘Oh you were sleeping, no no I was just thinking where are you! Go, go, sleep.’ Now tell me is that fine at all??? All my sleep would be gone by then and I have to literally hunt for an activity for myself till I feel sleepy again. Imagine!

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Jan 25

My House!

Within my home, I actually have a small house. The day when my papa bought it for me, I disliked it so much that I entered it and got out immediately. IMG_2738From that house I was not able to watch what all was happening in the home, after all I am the most important member of the family and I need to know what all is happening right! But then I thought it is not a very bad idea to sleep inside, when I want to anyway sleep only. So then I tried going inside once again, especially during summers when the AC is on, inside this house it is seriously very cozy. Also during pleasant winters, inside the house it is a bliss, I tell you! And now since I have grown big, I am also able to peep out to check what is happening around me at home. And I like the privacy inside this home, I too need a bit of that, no?

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Jan 22

I am a popular breed :)

I am a beagle as you all would possibly know already. Actually in India no one bothers to know the different dog breeds. And beagle is a bit more unknown, Labrador, Pomeranian, German Shepherd are among the more famous and known I think. Though I think beagles are becoming popular now. When I came to my parents’ place, I was the only beagle in our colony, now I see at least 4 of them in our colony and a few others in neighboring colonies.

Actually I have been popular but unnoticed:
– If you remember the movie ‘The Mask’, the dog Milo was a beagle only. The best features in me (a beagle) are my eyes (it seems I have natural kajal put in), the white vertical line in between my eyes (as if there is a teeka), and my ears (my mother loves my ears :)). The dog in the movie The Mask had a bit smaller ears I think.
– A commercial of WagonR a couple of years back had a beagle too. Here is the YouTube link, thanks to YouTube for having this.
– A recent Bollywood movie ‘Chashme Baddoor’ also had a beagle in the movie, it was the lead actress’s dog 🙂
– Recently I was watching the movie ‘Shaan’ (yes the dramatic Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor etc. starrer). There is a scene when Sunil Dutt escapes Shaakaal’s place and comes out of water and then there are many dogs that follow Sunil Dutt to kill him, they were all beagles (pure beagles actually), I am not sure no one in the audience noticed the beagles amidst all the masala and drama.

I know Rajnikanth is the most popular entity in India, but beagles are not very much behind you see 🙂

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Jan 19

My God it is too cold!

These winters in North India I tell you, so cold! I feel generally hot as a dog, but these winters here make me feel a lot cold too! I don’t know how humans are able to cope up, and poor thing my stay friends also. I love being wrapped inside the bedding most of the times, my mother is so punctual and disciplined that IMG_3170she doesn’t like me getting late for my walk. And so, she wakes me up early in the morning even in peak winters. How sad is that, I am sure I have all your sympathies. This quilt that my parents got is the most amazing thing in winters to beat the cold. I just don’t feel like coming out of it. I usually remain unseen from within the quilt but my mother pulls it away to take pictures of me wrapped inside, not cool at all mamma!!!

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Dec 17

To all my stray friends…

I feel very fortunate that my parents adopted me and I get the love of the whole world. Each and every need of mine is taken care of. But when I go out for walks, I notice many dogs roaming around; some are very weak and some are just curious to find something to eat. There was a dog who was very ill for a long time don’t know what happened to her. My papa started giving them some biscuits and that’s how they all know me and my parents. Whenever they hear my bark or see us walking, they run and come to us for the food/biscuits. There was a dog who used to walk along with us throughout my walk, about 30-45 mins. I am healthy and so can walk that much but she was not as healthy, she doesn’t get the food I get. So, I was very worried that she should not walk that much may be, but she wouldn’t listen. One day, when my parents were going to office, they noticed a dog lying on the road hit by a vehicle – she was dead, when they inquired they found that it was that same female dog. That same morning she had walked along with me. So sad! The vehicles don’t care that much, and these dogs are so innocent to beware of the traffic themselves. There are about 10 friends of mine around my colony, my mother gives them biscuits whenever she finds them. She buys a separate biscuit packet for them. When she gives them the biscuits and they happily eat them I really like. I usually like biscuits so much but if those biscuits are for them, I don’t want them. I enjoy watching them eat the biscuits. They need them more than me no! But these days in winters I wonder how cold they must be feeling, I wish I could do something. I am sure if my parents find a way of helping them, they would definitely do something, I wish there is a way but! And I pray they are saved from the vehicles moving around. Take care of yourselves, all!

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Dec 10

I miss Mirchie!

When my parents have long hours at work, I stay at Vizal Aunty’s house, which is also a pet boarding place – it is a personalized boarding, not a commercial one like many others. I actually like being at home but when my parents are unable to make it to home at the time of my walk, they feel bad. So, they prefer to put me at Vizal Aunty’s place so they are also free of tension, Aunty’s place is like my second home. IMG_5253For some time, I was a very frequent visitor at Aunty’s boarding. During that time, Aunty had a female Golden Retriever and she named her Mirchie. She was very nice and a very good friend of mine. I really liked her. I never allowed any other male dog to even come closer to her, she was like a sister to me 🙂 We used to play a lot together. In the evening, we used to sit on the terrace in 2 different chairs while I used to wait for my parents to come & pick me up. But a few months back, she fell ill suddenly and unfortunately even after so many efforts by the doctor, she passed away. I was not with her when she was ill. Now when I went to Aunty’s place after that, I could not find her. I searched for her in the entire house but she was not there. I miss her so much. Her son comes for boarding at times and I meet up with him. I can recognize that it’s Mirchie’s son but I still wonder where has she gone. You were my only friend Mirchie – wish you were alive, I miss you so much!!! Wishing she rests in peace.

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Dec 07

Can you spot it!

I like chewing bones a lot, and my papa gets them for me. Though mamma is conscious and she sees that I eat in limits.
Some bigger bones I start chewing but they are big so I prefer to eat half once and then later. And so I hide it somewhere in the home. There are places I hide – like in thIMG_5256-Smalle bean bag, on the diwan or sometimes on the sofa. Whenever I hide anything like this, my mother keeps on laughing loud! I don’t know what’s so funny. If you see in this picture, I had hidden the bone (circled in red in the picture) there on the sofa. I tried my best to put it at a place where no one would be able to find out. I am sure my mamma could not spot it also. But she keeps on laughing and that gives me a doubt that she is probably able to see where I had hidden it. But how??? It is just not possible for anyone to find it out right?

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Dec 02

Taking advantage of my obedience!

My mamma, I tell you – when I was small, she made me sit and gave me a IMG_20110131_204511-Smalltreat. That’s how I learnt to sit on a command. Whenever I want or need anything now, I sit so that my parents understand the gesture and do the needful. Now, by nature I am very obedient to my owners and because I love my mamma so much, I don’t like to disappoint her. And so I do whatever she tells me to do. Does that mean she should take advantage of my obedience towards her? Look at this picture  – while I was settling down on the sofa, she says ‘Stay’ to me in this position. Do you know why? Same old story – to take my picture. Can you imagine while I was barely able to balance, she takes time to get the camera, adjusts the camera mode and then clicks my picture. And, one picture is not enough, she keeps on saying ‘Stay’, laughing at me seeing me trying hard to balance and clicks my second picture. Tell me is it fair at all! How much advantage she takes of my love to her I can’t tell you! Neither can I explain the torture I have to go through especially to pose for the pictures. But I love her so much! Thank you, mamma for giving me such a wonderful life!

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