Oct 15

I swam for the first time in 8 years!

My favourite Nadir uncle has founded Nadir’s Ark. It is a fun-filled space, a farm house with huge area (almost 2 acres), img-20161002-wa0004a lot of open space for me and my friends (and even enemies) to roam around and have loads of fun. There is a small pool also. My parents along with Nadir uncle and Pia aunty forcibly pushed me into the pool even when they know I hate water. The natural swimming talent in me helped me swam through to the corner to save myself. I am smart you see, and I ran out. But, they all are smarter than me, I swam to the corner only to see that they had closed the doors, not letting me out to the ground again! I don’t like water Nadir uncle, and of all, how can YOU be so mean to me?!
But I am really in love with the place, I didn’t even eat my favourite chicken rice that was offered to me, I was that happy just roaming around. Thank you Nadir uncle & Pia aunty for taking the initiative and opening such a cool avenue for species like me.
I will come again soon, knowing that you are going to throw me into the pool again 🙁

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