Taking advantage of my obedience!

My mamma, I tell you – when I was small, she made me sit and gave me a IMG_20110131_204511-Smalltreat. That’s how I learnt to sit on a command. Whenever I want or need anything now, I sit so that my parents understand the gesture and do the needful. Now, by nature I am very obedient to my owners and because I love my mamma so much, I don’t like to disappoint her. And so I do whatever she tells me to do. Does that mean she should take advantage of my obedience towards her? Look at this picture¬† – while I was settling down on the sofa, she says ‘Stay’ to me in this position. Do you know why? Same old story – to take my picture. Can you imagine while I was barely able to balance, she takes time to get the camera, adjusts the camera mode and then clicks my picture. And, one picture is not enough, she keeps on saying ‘Stay’, laughing at me seeing me trying hard to balance and clicks my second picture. Tell me is it fair at all! How much advantage she takes of my love to her I can’t tell you! Neither can I explain the torture I have to go through especially to pose for the pictures. But I love her so much! Thank you, mamma for giving me such a wonderful life!

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