Can you spot it!

I like chewing bones a lot, and my papa gets them for me. Though mamma is conscious and she sees that I eat in limits.
Some bigger bones I start chewing but they are big so I prefer to eat half once and then later. And so I hide it somewhere in the home. There are places I hide – like in thIMG_5256-Smalle bean bag, on the diwan or sometimes on the sofa. Whenever I hide anything like this, my mother keeps on laughing loud! I don’t know what’s so funny. If you see in this picture, I had hidden the bone (circled in red in the picture) there on the sofa. I tried my best to put it at a place where no one would be able to find out. I am sure my mamma could not spot it also. But she keeps on laughing and that gives me a doubt that she is probably able to see where I had hidden it. But how??? It is just not possible for anyone to find it out right?

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