I miss Mirchie!

When my parents have long hours at work, I stay at Vizal Aunty’s house, which is also a pet boarding place – it is a personalized boarding, not a commercial one like many others. I actually like being at home but when my parents are unable to make it to home at the time of my walk, they feel bad. So, they prefer to put me at Vizal Aunty’s place so they are also free of tension, Aunty’s place is like my second home. IMG_5253For some time, I was a very frequent visitor at Aunty’s boarding. During that time, Aunty had a female Golden Retriever and she named her Mirchie. She was very nice and a very good friend of mine. I really liked her. I never allowed any other male dog to even come closer to her, she was like a sister to me 🙂 We used to play a lot together. In the evening, we used to sit on the terrace in 2 different chairs while I used to wait for my parents to come & pick me up. But a few months back, she fell ill suddenly and unfortunately even after so many efforts by the doctor, she passed away. I was not with her when she was ill. Now when I went to Aunty’s place after that, I could not find her. I searched for her in the entire house but she was not there. I miss her so much. Her son comes for boarding at times and I meet up with him. I can recognize that it’s Mirchie’s son but I still wonder where has she gone. You were my only friend Mirchie – wish you were alive, I miss you so much!!! Wishing she rests in peace.

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