To all my stray friends…

I feel very fortunate that my parents adopted me and I get the love of the whole world. Each and every need of mine is taken care of. But when I go out for walks, I notice many dogs roaming around; some are very weak and some are just curious to find something to eat. There was a dog who was very ill for a long time don’t know what happened to her. My papa started giving them some biscuits and that’s how they all know me and my parents. Whenever they hear my bark or see us walking, they run and come to us for the food/biscuits. There was a dog who used to walk along with us throughout my walk, about 30-45 mins. I am healthy and so can walk that much but she was not as healthy, she doesn’t get the food I get. So, I was very worried that she should not walk that much may be, but she wouldn’t listen. One day, when my parents were going to office, they noticed a dog lying on the road hit by a vehicle – she was dead, when they inquired they found that it was that same female dog. That same morning she had walked along with me. So sad! The vehicles don’t care that much, and these dogs are so innocent to beware of the traffic themselves. There are about 10 friends of mine around my colony, my mother gives them biscuits whenever she finds them. She buys a separate biscuit packet for them. When she gives them the biscuits and they happily eat them I really like. I usually like biscuits so much but if those biscuits are for them, I don’t want them. I enjoy watching them eat the biscuits. They need them more than me no! But these days in winters I wonder how cold they must be feeling, I wish I could do something. I am sure if my parents find a way of helping them, they would definitely do something, I wish there is a way but! And I pray they are saved from the vehicles moving around. Take care of yourselves, all!

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