I am a popular breed :)

I am a beagle as you all would possibly know already. Actually in India no one bothers to know the different dog breeds. And beagle is a bit more unknown, Labrador, Pomeranian, German Shepherd are among the more famous and known I think. Though I think beagles are becoming popular now. When I came to my parents’ place, I was the only beagle in our colony, now I see at least 4 of them in our colony and a few others in neighboring colonies.

Actually I have been popular but unnoticed:
– If you remember the movie ‘The Mask’, the dog Milo was a beagle only. The best features in me (a beagle) are my eyes (it seems I have natural kajal put in), the white vertical line in between my eyes (as if there is a teeka), and my ears (my mother loves my ears :)). The dog in the movie The Mask had a bit smaller ears I think.
– A commercial of WagonR a couple of years back had a beagle too. Here is the YouTube link, thanks to YouTube for having this.
– A recent Bollywood movie ‘Chashme Baddoor’ also had a beagle in the movie, it was the lead actress’s dog 🙂
– Recently I was watching the movie ‘Shaan’ (yes the dramatic Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor etc. starrer). There is a scene when Sunil Dutt escapes Shaakaal’s place and comes out of water and then there are many dogs that follow Sunil Dutt to kill him, they were all beagles (pure beagles actually), I am not sure no one in the audience noticed the beagles amidst all the masala and drama.

I know Rajnikanth is the most popular entity in India, but beagles are not very much behind you see 🙂

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