My House!

Within my home, I actually have a small house. The day when my papa bought it for me, I disliked it so much that I entered it and got out immediately. IMG_2738From that house I was not able to watch what all was happening in the home, after all I am the most important member of the family and I need to know what all is happening right! But then I thought it is not a very bad idea to sleep inside, when I want to anyway sleep only. So then I tried going inside once again, especially during summers when the AC is on, inside this house it is seriously very cozy. Also during pleasant winters, inside the house it is a bliss, I tell you! And now since I have grown big, I am also able to peep out to check what is happening around me at home. And I like the privacy inside this home, I too need a bit of that, no?

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