Oops…did you catch that?!

I am a smart dog you know! I usually make a fool out of my papa, he doesn’t realiIMG_2716ze that. And even if he realizes, he lets it go and he makes me feel I am smart! Thank You papa, I love you so much! You boost up my self-confidence. My mother on the other hand is much smarter than me and she catches hold of my mischief immediately. Sometimes she senses it even before I actually do the mischief. She is definitely very smart!
“Oops Mamma, did you catch that again???” is usually my reaction.

See, I am a beagle. And by nature I am supposed to be energetic & mischievous. On top of that, my parents have pampered me so much, especially my papa, that I am free to do all sorts of mischief – Am I right? or Am I right??

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