I & my Bunty :)

My papa got me this cute stuffed toy. It DSC_0071-Smallseems like a dog only by the shape of it, rather a puppy. I like playing with these toys – I like to take it to anyone & I like to snatch it from them and enjoy them snatching back from me. I am the winner in the game always – either people are tired and not able to match my energy to keep the game on and give up; or they are not able to snatch it from me. Either ways – you know who the winner is! This toy that my papa bought for me, is just too good. My mamma named him Bunty for me to follow easily. It feels like the childhood-me is back at home. I play a lot with it. I sometimes hug him & sleep, it is a soft toy no, feels very good sleeping next to it. I have grown quite big now, had I been a bit smaller it would have been a perfect match!

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