A message to all who keep dogs

Today during my morning walk, I met a labrador. He was taken out by his servant. I usually don’t like big dogs and I usually bark at them on the road, I want to feel like a king on my walking stretch and so probably I don’t like dogs bigger than me in size to walk in the same stretch 🙂 When I started barking at this labrador, it barked again at me. And within seconds I noticed the servant beating the dog with a big thick stick. My mother scolded at the servant, but he did not bother. He was not at all sensitive. I was shocked. I recollected then that we had met this dog sometime back also when the same incident happened and the servant beat the dog then also. If you see that dog, it is not at all well kept, not groomed properly, it looks sad also. I wonder why would you get a dog when you have to torture it like this, and can’t take care of it properly. We are different, we trust you, our masters, more than anyone. For us, you are our world! Please don’t keep us if you think you cannot take care of us properly. We better go to a home where are are happy. It is a pain for both you and us. We are not a style statement, we are living beings and we are here to be your company and spread happiness within you. We never demand anything from you, nor we expect anything from you. We live the way you keep us, we give our entire lives for you – why do you want to treat us like that! Not all servants are bad I say, but you need to find a good one patiently for us to help you if you yourself are tied up. In this country where human life is not valued enough, do you think just about anyone can value dogs’ lives!!!

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