Am I naughty??

I was on my regular morning walk. I saw a St. Bernard pass by, I was incidentally at our colony’s main gate. I started barking at the St. Bernard because I did not like him passing by, he was too big and I wanted to be alone on the road. The security uncles at the gate looked at me and commented, ‘beta, tu uske jitna bada toh hoja pehle (beta, first grow up to his size before you bark at him)’. Actually, those uncles didn’t realize the difference between me (beagle) and St. Bernard – both of us breeds are tricolour with a combination of brown, white and black and we look a bit similar too.
I went to raahgiri day with my mother, and while I was walking around I saw two kids on a cycle. I didn’t like them pass by, I barked at them. One uncle came and told my mother, ‘naughty beagle right?!’.
I went to a pet shop and there were another dog I wanted to meet. He was just not interested to meet me, I did not like it. I was pushing my mother to let me meet her, though my mother didn’t want to because of the other dog’s disinterest. The uncle there commented, ‘its a beagle, naughty – doesn’t want to listen to anyone!’.

Am I seriously very naughty??? I am just an independent dog, wanting to do just what I like and enjoy; and don’t like any interruptions in my enjoyment – that’s it! 🙂

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