“Bolo na”

My mamma, she knows I cannot speak. Every single time before giving food to me, before taking me out for a walk, before playing with me; her favourite questions are:
“kya khaana hai tumko, bolo…bolo na (what do you want to eat? say na..)”
“ghoomne jaana hai??? bolo…khud se bolo toh jaayengey (you want to go out, say it and then we will go)”
“khelna hai bunty (my toy) ke saath…bolo ‘bunty ke saath khelna hai’ toh khelengey (you want to play with bunty, say it yourself that you want to play with bunty and we will play”

Now, why does she take advantage of my helplessness of not being able to speak, I wonder! If she puts a criteria that I should speak and ask for food, does she mean I will never get food in my life! Similar for playing? And when she knows I cannot speak, she says ‘bolo khud se toh milega (say it yourself and you will get it’ and then she herself laughs loud and makes fun saying, ‘fir toh kabhi nahin milega…(it means you will never get it) hahahahaha’ – what is that!! Is anyone taking a note of how I am being humiliated!?

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