I want to meet her please!

There is a friend of mine staying in the colony next to ours. She comes everyday for a walk in the early morning time. She is probably one of the very few dogs who go out for walk earlier than me, I thought only my parents take me very early for walk. She comes for a walk with her care-taker, the servant at her home. She enjoys walking with the care-taker as he is very patient with her. He walks with her as long as she wants to walk, he seems to take care of her very well as she looks very tidy always. And she is very beautiful! She comes running when she sees me, also because my mother offers her a biscuit almost everyday. At times, I get very angry with my parents because they take me a bit late and I don’t get to meet her! This is not done I keep telling my papa especially because my mother is always early and we end up waiting for papa for 10-15 mins after we are ready for walk. By then she is gone and I don’t get to see her. I have to wait for 24 long hours to meet her again because I usually don’t get to meet her in the evenings. Every night, I only have one ask for the next morning, “I want to meet her please, I really like meeting her!”. How helpless I feel as a dog I tell you, I am totally dependent on my parents. I don’t know why they have not taught me to walk on my own, I would have gone out myself and met her and come no!

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