For all dog owners who love their dogs!

Dear All
We all pets know you brought us to your respective homes to give all the love to us and take very good care of us. Had it not been you, who knows if we would have got anything we need! But, one thing many of you don’t realize is that in the process of showering all the love you have, you build bad habits into us too. If those bad habits are limited to a little bit of naughtiness or so, it is fine but many of you build habits that ruin the entire fun of having us and can potentially make your and our lives miserable. For example: you feed us a little bit of what you eat and we learn to demand from you to give us what you eat. It may potentially lead to many problems in us, you lose all the enjoyable time with us by just having to visit doctors often for the problems we start suffering with.
Another thing is we never seem to be growing up in our behaviour and looks, but we are still growing up is what many of you need to keep in mind. With age, we also need more care in terms of diet control, exercise and so on. So, do be conscious of the fact that we age too 🙂
Follow simple rules of healthiness with us; (after all we cannot do diet control ourselves like you all); and your life will be the most enjoyable with us around you! Kindly follow slight amount of discipline and you can build in the most memorable moments with us; we just live for a decade or two so don’t lose the precious time that you can spend with us most happily!!!

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