MY cake which was never mine :(

I was born on 24th May 2008. My parents religiously remember my birthday every year and do some sort of celebrations usually including a simple cake cutting ceremony and just being happy 🙂 But in the process, they don’t realize that they are making me sad. DSC_0132The cake that comes for the occasion is usually the smallest possible, but that can still be cut into good sized 8 pieces. The candle lit, blown, cut by my mother usually while my papa claps and utters ‘yayyyyy’ for me :). Then my mother cuts the cake into medium sized pieces, mamma and papa usually have 1 each though my papa insists on having one more while my mamma resists. My papa has problems putting on weight and my mamma has problems losing weight and they very cutely live in that dilemma. In the entire process I get to only smell the cake. And at the max, have an unbelievably tiny piece of the bread, imagine! My papa is not that strict and he gives me some cream as well but my mamma is too strict. She is right I know but I cannot control my temptation and my papa becomes a prey to my emotional blackmail.
But mamma, wasn’t that cake MY birthday cake? And isn’t it extremely unfair of you to not give the cake to me and have it all alone? Yeh kahaan ka insaaf hai mamma, mujhe jawaab chaahiye!

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