My new home

IMG_20141111_120610We have shifted to our new home, I really like the new home as it is bigger and more spacious. The only thing that I cannot see many people around like I could from my earlier home. I get bored a bit but what to do!  I have the terrace for myself but that has a very high parapet wall that I cannot reach at all. I ask my mamma to hold me and show me what’s there from above the parapet wall but she complains I have grown very heavy and she doesn’t hold me for long 🙁 My papa doesn’t mind holding me for longer but I just don’t like to get down you see, his hands hurt too is what my mamma says! There is a balcony but the parapet wall in that too is quite high though I am able to see people around from the grill and pass my time a bit. But one thing I really enjoy in this home is the sun in the terrace in the current winters, also in the balcony. I just love sitting in the sun on the terrace and even love to take a nap in the sun once in a while 🙂

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