Tussi jaa rahey ho? Tussi na jaao…


While mamma leaves for office 🙁

My papa is traveling these days, and my mamma goes to office during the day. I am all alone at home, I take care of the entire house I tell you. I keep a thorough check on who is coming into the block and I make sure I identify all of them. I give a complete download to mamma when she comes back home. Mamma says I am a brave boy; but I do feel lonely once in a while. Though she leaves her heart with me, and rushes back from office at the earliest possible, on a few days I don’t feel like parting with her. I wish she stays back. I know that she has work and office is important too. But what to do! I noticed this song the other day playing in the television, and I feel it is apt to say here – yeh dil hai ki maanta nahin! Tussi aaj ke din na jaao mamma!!!

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