Oh damn! I can’t see anything :(

In our previous home, I used to spend so much time in the balconies watching people, birds and barking at other dogs in the society while they were moving around. I also used to spend about 15-20 mins sitting at the main door watching people come and go in the corridor, IMG_20150228_083817and barking at many of them too. What interesting time pass it was for me, I tell you! My mamma and papa made sure to tie me outside the main door and let me be for some time especially after my morning walks since it used to be pleasant at that time; so that I could do my time pass. It was a corner house and our immediate neighbors were dog owners too so it was a safe corner. We shifted to our new home recently, I got a shock when I found out that I would not be able to do my time pass at the main door. Then when I first went into the balcony, it was another shock for me because the wall was too high for me to see outside; and the grill is not as good as our previous house’s so I can’t see through the happenings very clearly. Terrace is even worse, it has a high parapet with no grills 🙁

But I have found my way out for my time pass, I ask my parents to lift and hold me and show me around, as always I blackmail them emotionally! And why not, I am the most important member in the family and I wasn’t even asked once before buying the new home!!!

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