Do I belong to Balwant Rai?

I was watching TV along with my mother the other day and while my mother was flipping the channels, I IMG_20160220_162047suddenly heard a voice ‘Balwant Rai ke kutton…’. Since then I have this little question in my mind whether I belong to Balwant Rai’s clan. This question did not let me sleep for quite a few days. I could not resist, I really wanted to find out my identity. I thought I should ask my mother.
“Mamma, am I related to Balwant Rai”, I asked mamma.
“Arrey, where did you hear about Balwant Rai?” she asked.
I explained the entire story, she tried very hard to convince me and I now understand that Sunny uncle was calling someone ‘kutte’. Really? Dogs don’t have any respect it means?

Suddenly yesterday, again on television I heard, ‘Basanti, in kutton ke saamne mat naachna…”.

My God! Does that mean I am related to Gabbar!

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