I am still sleepy!!!

My mother wakes up very early in the morning, everyday. She does a lot of work before taking her cab to office at 7:45AM. IMG_20160505_055635She wants to accompany me for my walk, even if papa is there and I and papa are okay to go for a walk a bit later; we are fine to go even after she goes to the office. But, she wakes me up so early in the morning and I keep hearing “Bruno, chalo chalo”, “Bruno, come down”, “Bruno, aa jaao”, “Bruno, jaana padega”. Sometimes my eyes would be still swollen and dropping and it would be almost impossible for me to get up. My God, in winters it is even worse, she literally picks me up from my cosy bed and drops me down. And I am very obedient by nature so I can’t resist beyond a point. One way it is good because I am able to breathe really fresh air during my early morning walks and it feels very nice. But still sometimes I just feel like sleeping for a few more minutes!
Why do you wake up so early Mamma! 🙂

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