Why are you not giving me the bone?

It is almost 4 hours since I had my dinner. After that I walked for almost 45 mins. IMG_20160702_211214
And you gave me boiled rice and vegetables for dinner.

Now I am tired, bored and I want to chew something tasty. I know you have bought the new bones for me yesterday, I heard you calling the pet shop aunty and I also saw the delivery bhaiya came to deliver them. I only opened the door, did you forget?
Do you still think you can make me a fool by saying you don’t have the bone? Is this at all reasonable?
I will complain to Nadir uncle, Pia aunty, Rana uncle, Vizal aunty, Shruti aunty and everyone that you are torturing me like this.
All my aunties & uncles – are you listening???

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