Hello All!

Uff!!! Finally here I am. My mother finally got a chance to take my website live! I have been telling her to start this site for such a long time now but she could not do till now. I love her so much, she is very hard-working. Today was a usual day for me, except that my mamma had to leave a bit early and so she did not have time to play with me in the morning. But still she did, she takes time out for me as much as she can. Today she gave me a big egg to eat, oh my God I love eggs! In the evening she also gave me paneer, though it is my usual diet, today the paneer tasted special. I met my friends also after a long time, they are all street dogs and they feel very lonely especially in the cold. My mamma makes it a point that she feeds them biscuits, I like it when they eat. See you for now, stay tuned to hear more and more from me!

Thanks for taking time out to hear from me – Bye for now.

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