My first meeting with my new parents

I was 31 days old. I realized someone held me taking me away from my mother (biological) and put me in a van. Then the van started moving and it kept moving for a few hours. I didn’t know where I was going. The van stopped and they took me to a shop, it was a pet shop. I spent a few minutes there moving around the shop, there were 2 other puppies like me there, of other breeds. They were also like me, they also didn’t know what was happening with them. But we became good friends in those few minutes. We started playing and I overheard the conversation of the shopkeeper, he was telling someone in Hindi over phone, “madam, aapka bachcha aa gaya hai (madam, your kid has come), aap aake dekh lo (please come over and check)”. By checking, he means if they come and don’t like me for any reason, they may not take me and the shopkeeper has to get another puppy from the breeder. They also need to make sure that I am healthy by showing me to the vet before handing me to the new owners. There were 3 of us so I hardly understood which puppy he was talking about. I was happy playing with my new friends. In another hour or so, a couple came to the shop along with an aged lady and another young man (they were mother and son). The shopkeeper showed me to them and said, “this is your kid, you can check”. The lady took me in her arms and said, “yeh toh bohat cute hai!? (this one is so cute!?)”. The husband in the couple laughed aloud and said in astonishment, “this is it?”.
I know I was very small in size; but every puppy is, come on! What else did he expect I don’t know!
The couple was the one to adopt me I figured out. The wife in the couple then took me in her palm (I was so small I could fit in her one palm), and looked me with various expressions. I could not look her in her eyes because I was afraid, she was not holding me properly also so I was afraid she would drop me! They took me to the vet and the vet approved saying I was a healthy pup – they see the palms of the puppy and if they are broad enough along with the correct features of a breed, it is supposed to be healthy.
She was my mother and the gentleman who laughed at my size was my father – little did I know that they would become the best two people of my life going forward!

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