First time in my papa’s palms

The picture you see here is when my papa held me in his palm for the first time. DSC03262Guess why? Mamma wanted to take a picture to let the world know about my size, I don’t know what pleasure does she derive out of taking my pictures generally also – even now after 5.5 years!!! It was the first time papa was holding me, and I was not too sure if he knew how to hold me. I was so afraid I tell you and kept looking down to the floor which probably to me was similar to you people looking down from at least the 3rd floor of an apartment building. To give you an idea of my size now that my sweet mamma has made it public by posting this picture, I used to weigh 1.5 kgs, and was about 15 cms high from the ground. My papa was very careful I tell you, but I had my worries. After a while when the photography session was over, I looked at my papa and felt nice. He seemed to be very caring and I knew I was in safe hands. He used to hold me for hours together and I would feel very nice and warm, I never felt uneasy and would love to stay in his arms how much ever long he wanted to hold me. I started growing up and it was difficult for papa to hold me for such long time, but even now he does hold me and whenever he holds me I get the same feeling as I got the first time. Somehow, I cannot settle like that in mamma’s arms. May be the size in proportion of her hands, my length etc. doesn’t match.

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