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If you see me, you will feel like taking me home – seriously! I, and everyone like me are very cute and adorable. So, it is not your fault πŸ™‚ But many say I am a very big responsibility. Well, I would not lie and so I don’t deny that I am a responsibility. So please think before taking me home. I am not like a kid who would need constant attention but I do need some basic care – like regular walks and food. And a minimum level of exercise to keep me fit. If you get me home and are unable to manage me, it will be a very bad experience for you and a very sad one for me. And if you don’t take proper care of me, then I would fall sick and again having me home would turn totally into an unpleasant experience – which you would not want, neither do I.
So, read below my mother’s point of view carefully before taking the decision of getting me or one like me home:
“1. Research on the time you can give and the amount of responsibility the pet will demand. You have to take it as your own sole responsibility, even your own family members might not be comfortable with a dog, it would take time for you even to understand the little one.
It is very easy to adopt a dog, but it would be difficult later to maintain it. Remember – once you have a kid, you cannot think of disposing off your kid even if the kid is extremely notorious and you are not able to manage it. It is good to have the same kind of feeling towards the pet too, as this little one is very emotional and attaches to the owners and family to an extent you can’t even imagine. Unless you are totally sure of taking care of everything about this little one, please don’t go for it. Transferring it to another family is really painful for this pet.
2. Once you are fine with the above point, research on the breed that would suit you and your household – amount & type food to be given, history of the diseases, infections of the breed, maintenance (coat, ears, eyes etc.), average amount to be spent per month are some of the points to be considered.
3. Once you decide on the breed, find contacts of good breeders/households to get a healthy puppy. A lot of research needs to be done on this as if you get an unhealthy puppy (which is easy), frequent vet visits might lead to frustration and lead to an overall unpleasant experience.

If you are through with the above points and have made the decision, CONGRATULATIONS!! this would be the most valuable investment of your life, with interest rate being infinite!”

One of my mother’s aunt says I am a kid that never grows up! How true aunty πŸ™‚

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